Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This is a warranty of goods sold and supplied by Sureweld Pty Ltd ACN 142 052 355 (‘Sureweld’) as identified in this warranty (‘Goods’).

When any person or company places an order with Sureweld or an approved Sureweld reseller for the purchase of Goods (‘Customer’), they have the peace of mind in knowing that those Goods are covered by this warranty. This warranty sets out what the Customer must do to entitle the Customer to claim under this warranty.

This warranty is in force from 1 July 2021.

1. This Warranty

The benefits provided to the Customer in this warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies under the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and any other laws in relation to the Goods sold and supplied by Sureweld.

This warranty covers, for the warranty periods identified in this warranty:

  • (a) the Goods sold against faulty materials or workmanship(‘Failure’); and
  • (b) in the case of Failure, the repair or replacement of the Goods or the refund of the cost of the Goods.
2. Important Information
  • (a) Whilst there is no cost to the Customer for this warranty, this warranty will only apply where a Customer has, within 60 days of purchase of the Goods, validly registered their purchase at sureweld.com.au (or in such other manner as nominated by Sureweld from time to time) providing all relevant registration details.
  • (b) A failure to (i) register purchase of the Goods, and/or (ii) evidence purchase of the Goods from Sureweld or an approved Sureweld reseller by way of a valid invoice/receipt will mean this warranty will not apply.
  • (c) This warranty is not transferrable.
3. This Warranty will not apply

This warranty will not apply to the extent the Failure claimed is the result of:

  • (a) normal wear and tear;
  • (b) the Goods not been stored, used or maintained in accordance with legal requirements, or other requirements as advised by Sureweld, including:
    • (i) use of the Goods with non-recommended fitted tyres and/or tyre pressures, or with faulty or non-operational brakes or brake/indicator lights;
    • (ii) in the case of the Goods being a plant trailer chassis,the Goods being towed by a vehicle exceeding a GVM of 8 tonnes;
    • (iii) towing the Goods whilst not fitted or secured in accordance with legal requirements, or other requirements as advised by Sureweld or the manufacturer of the towing vehicle (including manufacturer published specifications and/or recommendations);
    • (iv) use of the Goods in excess of published load limits;
    • (v) loading/unloading, placement or securing of equipment on the Goods not in accordance with legal requirements, or other requirements as advised by Sureweld or the manufacturer of the equipment;
  • (c) the Goods being used in an abnormal manner; for example if the Goods are misused, exposed to e extreme weather conditions, not maintained properly or used after partial failure;
  • (d) the Goods being cut, welded, drilled or otherwise modified in any way without Sureweld prior written approval;
  • (e) exposure of the Goods to water damage, rust corrosion or fire; or
  • (f) wilful, negligent and/or reckless acts or omissions of the Customer or a third party.
4. Under this Warranty

If there is a Failure, the Customer is entitled, at the election of Sureweld, to have the Goods repaired by Sureweld within a reasonable period of time at its premises; alternatively by a third party approved by Sureweld; a replacement of the Goods, or a refund of the cost of the Goods.

5. To Claim under this Warranty

A Customer must:

  • (a) contact Sureweld by email at sales@sureweld.com.au or by phone on (03) 5721 2166; and
  • (b) provide Sureweld details associated with its claim, together with evidence of
    • (i) warranty registration, and
    • (ii) purchase of the Goods (being a valid invoice/receipt) the subject of the claim.

Sureweld will then contact the Customer to arrange for the Goods to be inspected (where necessary) and determine the claim in a timely manner.

6. Goods the Subject of this Warranty & Warranty Period

This schedule outlines (a) the Sureweld Goods covered by this warranty, and (b) the warranty period applicable:

Goods (type)Warranty Period
Plant trailer chassis3 years from purchase date
Loading, trailer & wheel riser ramps2 years from purchase date
All components installed on a plant trailer chassis (including axles, wheels, couplings, electrical etc.)1 years from purchase date
This is generated for testing purpose (Note :later to be deleted)0 years
This is generated for testing purpose (Note :later to be deleted)0 years from purchase date